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STAR TREK™: VOYAGER U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Collectible XL Edition Ship Model

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"There's coffee in that nebula." Venture to the Delta Quadrant and coffee-generating nebulas with the U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Collectible XL Edition Ship Model. 

Designed by Rick Sternback, Captain Kathryn Janeway's Voyager explored a brand-new quadrant and faced against a multitude of adversities, including the Borg, on its return voyage to home. That very ship is translated in die-cast metal and high-quality ABS materials, just as B'elanna herself would intend (Tom Paris's flying into trouble notwithstanding), and can sit next to your favorite well-worn coffee cup!

Detail Summary

  • Replicated from production assets.
  • Approximately 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) in length.
  • Full-color box with styrofoam packaging for optimum protection.
  • Full-color collector's magazine featuring product artwork, highlighting the ship's history design, and a breakdown of the technology on board, along with its crew and weapons.
  • Two-piece display stand (assembly required).

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