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STAR TREK™: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Movie Era - Starfleet Dress Belt & Buckle

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A distinctive yet functional decorative flourish to the STAR TREK™: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Movie Era uniforms, the Starfleet Dress Belt and Buckle brings a touch of class to the uniform.

This artificial leather adjustable belt replicates the look and texture of the screen-used pieces from over 30 years ago, right down to the decorative stitch lines at the belt's center.

To further replicate its heritage, the metal Starfleet belt buckle was cast from a screen-used original and matches its painted bronze metallic finish, recreating the look and finish as executed on screen used buckles.

While this piece was distinctly meant for the Starfleet uniform jackets first featured in STAR TREK™ II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, it can also be worn with pants that feature 2-inch tall belt loops for daily wear.

Sizing Guide

  Small/Medium Large/XL 2XL
Waist (Using Existing Holes) 29in to 36in 37in to 44in 45in to 52in
Waist (If Hole Punching Into Salvage) 29in to 42in 37in to 52in 45in to 62in


Salvage Note: Each Starfleet buckle features salvage, which is the excess material that goes beyond the belt adjustment hole closest to the end of the belt. Should you need to punch additional belt adjustment holes to make the belt functional, you can punch the adjustment hole in the space using a leather punch tool. To maintain a uniform look, you should punch additional belt adjustment hole approximately every inch from the last adjustment hole (and lined up with the other adjustment holes), up until the point where the belt can be used. 

Product Details

  • Belt made of faux leatherette with decorative stitching detail, as per original artifacts. 
  • Belt featuring eight (8) pre-punched adjustment holes for belt buckle. 
  • Belt features additional salvage for adjustment, if needed. (End-user responsible for punching the extra adjustment holes.)
  • Belt features interior belt loop, so that excess can be hidden behind the belt, thus lending to a cleaner, professional appearance.
  • Metal belt buckle casted from screen-used piece, replicating the look and texture of the original screen-used pieces from over 30 years ago. 

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