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Before now, one of the bits of minutiae from Star Trek: The Original Series-era movies was known to only to a handful of dedicated fans. That will now change and will be revolutionized. 

Known to these few dedicated fans (and in technical manuals) as Security Devices, these were the "cogs" seen on the back of the Monster Maroons that were first introduced in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. They were also unique amongst the primary characters featured in the various Star Trek feature films.

The basic concept of the security device was that they would act as digital passes to sensitive areas of starships and starbases through Starfleet, without the troublesome need for voice recognition, retinal scans or swipe cards. 

Now offered individually are replicas of either Admiral James T. Kirk's or Captain's Spock Security Devices, first featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Unlike the screen-used versions, which were sewn (or fabric glued!) directly onto the back of the strap and made of kit-bashed plastic model tank parts, we took it to the next level: full metal construction with the ability to easily add or remove the piece via a snap-system.

    Product Features

    • Available in two (2) styles as depicted throughout the Original Series-era films: Kirk "Spiked Cogwheel" or Spock "Wheel Spoke".
    • Full metal, zinc alloy construction. 
    • Two-tone antique silver finish.
    • Digitally replicated from not only the screen-used piece, but also the original model parts used in this accouterment's "kit bash".
    • Reverse side features male snap for ease of attachment and removal for easy uniform maintenance.
    • Sew-on female snap included.

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