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The Wand Company is proud to present the Star Trek: The Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

This Communicator is an advanced Bluetooth enabled speakerphone that is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled communications equipment worldwide, such as mobile phones and music players.

  • Highly accurate: Created from 3D scans of the last known hero prop.
  • Fully functional: Easy to pair with any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone.
  • Authentic function: Use the classic flip action to answer calls.
  • High quality: Die-cast zinc, CNC machined aluminium, iridescent coated jewels.
  • Contactless charging: Built-in lithium polymer battery.
  • Immersive play features: 20 authentic voice clips and Original Series Communicator sound FX.
  • Gorgeous transit case: Moulded foam lined transit case and leatherette pouch.


The Communicator prop replica is protected from damage and kept in pristine condition (when not on display) in a high quality, moulded-foam-lined presentation case. Manufactured in hard-wearing engineering-grade ABS, the case is also designed to stack as if supplied from the original Enterprise. When on the move, a leatherette pouch protects it from scuffing.


High-quality materials are brought together to create an exceptionally well-finished Communicator replica that looks and feels like it means business: CNC-machined aluminium; nickel-plated die-cast zinc; punched, pressed and welded steel; thermoplastic polyurethane rubber; ABS plastic with a digitally created texture.

The Ultimate Collectible

Whether you have just discovered Star Trek or have been hooked since you were a kid, this Communicator is something that you just have to own. Researched, designed and built with fanatical attention to detail, the simplicity of its embossed, die-cast, magnetic, wireless charging stand presents and charges this iconic piece with style.

Fantasy Made Reality

Designed from the first 3D structured light scans of the last known hero screen-used Communicator prop, this amazing replica boasts a host of exciting features such as a silent rotating moiré pattern, AB-coated iridescent jewels and, authentic voice clips arranged in sentence fragments for immersive play, while also being a fully-functional Bluetooth enabled handset.

Technology and Fantasy Intersect

This Original Series Bluetooth Communicator is not a toy: it is an advanced, Bluetooth wireless technology enabled communications device, designed to pair with a mobile phone and thus permit near instantaneous person-to-person communication at a considerable distance. When paired with a device capable of streaming music, the Communicator may also be used as a wireless music speaker.

This Communicator has been developed to give its owner the maximum level of enjoyment; designed using extremely accurate 3D scans of one of the last remaining communicator hero props from the 1960s Original Series television show, dedicated attention to detail, the use of authentic materials, textures and finishes and the tireless support and extraordinarily deep knowledge of so generously given to us, has resulted in a fully functioning, display grade product that is highly faithful to the original prop.

The Communicator is robust enough to be used in play and cosplay. With its authentic sound effects and original voice clips, the Communicator provides plenty of opportunity for in-universe interaction and fun, and of course its Bluetooth functionality enables it to be used exactly as it was always intended – as a person-to-person communications device. The Communicator is not a walkie-talkie. In order to use it to talk to another person, you will also need a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (or internet phone) that can make and receive telephone calls.

Pairing and Usage to Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phones

Pairing with a mobile phone is a simple procedure.

Once the Communicator is paired with a phone, just flip open the antenna grille to answer an incoming call.

Press and hold the right-hand button to initiate voice dialling (or to access other functions available via voice-activated assistants such as Siri on iPhones, Google Now on Android or Cortana on Windows phones).

Double-click the right-hand button to pause and play music.

20 authentic Star Trek voice clips and Communicator sound FX can be accessed at any time via the right-hand 5-way jog button.

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