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STAR TREK ENTERPRISE Starfleet NX-01 Uniform Jumpsuit (Pre-Order)

$ 500.00

Delivery in Q4 2016

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Make history with every light year with the pre-order for the STAR TREK™: ENTERPRISE Starfleet NX-01 Uniform Jumpsuit.

Offered in both men's and women's variants, as worn by Captain Jonathan Archer through Ensign Hoshi Sato on STAR TREK™: ENTERPRISE, this jumpsuit is meant as a multi-purpose duty suit for the Starfleet officers. 

Replicated from screen-used and production sources, each jumpsuit features functional pockets with zippers and features built-in elastic at the waist to adjust, as well as equipment loops for holsters at the right leg. (Feature can be transposed to other leg by end-user's tailor.)

Built for maximal comfort and functionality, this piece also features specific aesthetic flourishes, including the uniquely distinctive rectangular zipper pull, NX-01 Enterprise patch on left arm, and the two-piece shoulder cap construction featuring your choice of division: mustard/gold command, burgundy/red services (security & engineering), and teal-green sciences.


    For information on how to be properly measured, please click here (page opens in new window).

    Sizing chart is reflective of both men's and women's cut for this uniform jumpsuit. Tailoring always recommended for exacting fit, as each person's physique is unique.

    (in inches)
    (in inches)
    (in inches)

    (in inches)
    SMALL 6-8 35-37 27-29 36-38 32
    MEDIUM 10-12 38-40 30-32 39-41 33
    LARGE 14-16 41-44 33-36 42-45 34
    XL 18-20 45-48 37-40 46-49 35
    2XL 22-24 49-52 41-44 50-53 36

     Default inseam is 29 inches, and will need to be tailored.


    • Jumpsuit constructed using screen-used pieces from STAR TREK™: ENTERPRISE.
    • Polyester cotton blend featuring same weight and texture as screen-used versions, color matched to later-season fabrics. (Suit is more blue, whereas the earlier seasons leant toward purple.)
    • Distinctive rectangular zipper pulls replicated from screen-used artifacts. 
    • NX-01 Enterprise patch replicated from screen-used artifacts.

    Additional Features

    • Zippered pockets on chest, hip, shins, and right arm.
    • Elastic waist-band with buttoned-adjustment straps.
    • Velcro-cuff covers at wrist.
    • Loop at right side for equipment holsters. 
    • Two-piece cap-style construction on shoulders, featuring division color details on second fabric layer. 
    • Division colors matched to production colors: mustard/gold for command; burgundy/red for services and security; and teal green for sciences division. 
    • Mandarin collar neck with stitch detail replicated from screen-used artifacts.

    The Accoutrements 

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