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The smart, nerdy team of Ghostbusters -- Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore -- would be in big trouble without their electronic gizmos for finding, capturing and holding ghosts, ghouls and other unfriendly spirits.

We highlight the technology that made these parapsychologists-turned-paranormal investigators into heroes. Our four-poster set by graphic designer Christian Petersen includes:

  • Ecto-1 Lab. The legendary limo-style Cadillac built by Miller-Meteor -- and ambulance-hearse combination -- is the transportation of choice for the Ghostbusters. We display it in its tricked-out glory.
  • Proton Pack. The Proton Pack is a particle accelerator that generates a charged particle beam that enables the Ghostbusters to apprehend negatively charged ectoplasmic entities.
  • P.K.E. Meter. This handheld Psycho-Kinetic Energy Meter measures metaphysical vibes and is used to detect the presence of ghosts.
  • Ghost Trap. When used with the Proton Pack, this handy sealed container permits the transport of ghosts after they've been snagged by a proton beam.


  • Size: 18 inches wide x 24 inches high
  • Material: 100-lb satin-finish paper

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