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GHOSTBUSTERS™: Proton Pack Frame (Pre-Order)

$ 40.00

Shipping in Winter 2017

Designed in 1984 by Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz, the nuclear powered Proton Pack counters the negative energy of ghosts with a proton stream of positively charged ions. ANOVOS is proud to offer the GHOSTBUSTERS: Proton Pack Frame. Pre-order items are subject to change in availability and features. This is not a toy. Not suitable for children.

This 1:1 scale backpack frame includes details duplicated from GHOSTBUSTERS screen-used production assets and other sources. 

  • Backpack frame is made in aluminum and has padding replicating the original prop.
  • Nylon straps are padded and include metal buckles.
  • Some assembly may be required.
  • Compatible with ANOVOS Proton Pack components, which can be purchased separately.


  • $40.00 USD.
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