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BRIAN KESINGER Otto and Victoria Tea Time Music Box

$ 250.00

Limited to 300 Pieces.
Shipping in Winter 2017 

This unique brand of octo-victorian art celebrates beauty, cephalopods, and a dash of geekinessANOVOS is proud to offer the BRIAN KESINGER Otto and Victoria Tea Time Music Box. Items are subject to change in availability and features. This is not a toy. Not suitable for children. 

  • Painted full-color poly-resin and ABS sculpture of original characters approximately 9" tall with a 6" diameter base.
  • Original music created specifically for this piece by lauded songwriters Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson.
  • Mechanism allows Otto and Victoria to gently toast teacups while base rotates.
  • Otto's lamp features battery-powered lights (batteries not included).
  • Full-color packaging with artwork by Brian Kesinger.
  • All pre-orders through July 23, 2017, include a signed 11" x 14" Otto and Victoria print on 300gsm 100% cotton fiber acid-free watercolor paper with archival ink ($75 value). Note: Print and associated shipping costs are non-refundable after artwork is received.

About the Artist

Brian Kesinger is an Annie Award-winning story artist for Walt Disney Animation Studios. His 20-year career at Disney has spanned both hand-drawn and CG animated films from Tarzan to Moana. In addition to Brian's film work, he has also become a celebrated author and illustrator of several books that showcase his style, wit and ability to tell engaging stories in original ways. His artistic journey has lead him to find another home with MARVEL Comics where he blends his animation background with the comic art form to create dazzling and expressive art. 


  • $250.00 USD.
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