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Battlestar Galactica - Utility Belt and Pouch Set

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Title: Complete Set

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Time to gear up nuggets! ANOVOS is equipping you with only the finest that the Colonies can (or, perhaps more appropriately, used to) offer with the complete Blaster Utility Belt and Pouch Set — featuring the nylon belt, later-season blaster holsters (capable of fitting both the "Clamshell" blaster and the FN-5.7 Blaster with Rocket Launcher), and various pouches, all replicated from screen-used items. For the discerning Colonial Officer aboard the battlestar Galactica, this belt is an absolute essential to round out your Viper/Raptor suit, duty blues and greens, as seen on the series. 


  • Heavy duty Nylon construction throughout.
  • Correct ribbing count on pouch flaps.
  • 1.5 inch custom nylon blaster belt with velcro backing, and adjustable waist — up to a 50in waist.
  • Custom BSG black anodized metal buckle faithful to the original.
  • Pouches feature two flaps with velcro, which attach to the belt and to each other, so as to keep the pouches firmly in place on belt.

Belt pouches

  • Two (2) latex glove pouches.
  • One (1) mini mag light.
  • One (1) pager/USB hub pouch with flap outside.
  • One (1) small mag light.
  • One (1) double mag pouch.

Blaster pouches

  • Utility Belt and Pouch Set features two blaster pouches: one left holster and one right holster, a.k.a. the "Starbuck edition".
  • Elastic leg strap, adjustable via velcro around thigh, to keep blaster pouch from bouncing around when moving or sitting.
  • Adjustable top holster strap to accomodate many equipment types.


  • Screen-used pouches used for reference.
  • Observations and prior research from prototype runs.
  • Prior research and interaction with original Canadian pouch maker for BSG production.