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Battlestar Galactica (BS 75) Scaled-Replica USB Drive

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She's been through the first Cylon War and survived to be the last of her fleet. She's endured countless jumps, barrages, attacks, and even fallen from the sky. She is the Battlestar Galactica and her power can now reside in your pocket! Celebrate the ship that Chief used to call, "the old girl" in your everyday life and workplace.

This first-ever scaled replica Battlestar Galactica USB drive boasts one of the most heavily-detailed functional pieces to grace your computer, your desk, and anywhere it Jumps to. With an articulated head that reveals the USB drive, this drive (4GB) will take the term "Jump" drive to a whole new experience.

  • Artistic rendition of Galactica in her prime.
  • Detachable "alligator head" features USB drive for use in most form-factors.
  • Overall piece measures: 2in x 4.5in x 0.66in