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Battlestar Galactica Metal Replica Clipboard with Paper Set

$ 15.00

Item has been discontinued. Limited stock available in "Battle Frakked" condition only!

Have you ever longed for a day in the life aboard Galactica? Get one step closer by incorporating the versatile BATTLESTAR GALACTICA™ Metal Clipboards into your workspace! Featuring aluminum construction with the classic BSG clipped edges and the official BSG seal silk printed on the back, this clipboard is the essential functional piece that marries your everyday geek with real world functionality. Whether it is impressing others in the know or grabbing attention in the office for having one of the coolest, uniquely designed clipboards, you are sure to make a positive impact in either realm!

  • Clipboard includes about 20 pages of cut corner paper with a faint BSG "ear and tails" logo watermark.
  • Measures 12-5/8in x 9in x 3/4in.
  • Body of aluminum construction, with polished low-profile aluminum clipping mechanism, mirroring the aesthetic look from the series.
  • Logo used is from the same artwork used on the clipboards modified by production, as seen in the series.
  • Also available in "Battle Frakked" condition...
    • "Battle Frakked" condition means that these were scratch-and-dent versions that were damaged en route to us. Our team has gone through and picked out the best of the damaged versions, repackaging them. For the trouble, we've not only heavily discounted them, but also included a limited-run of an ink pen with the Colonial Phoenix "Ears and Tails" logo.
    • All "Battle Frakked" clipboards come in "as is" condition. Some may be scratched, others may have dents. We've done our best to pick the cream of the frakking damaged crop.