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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Colonial Viper Squadron Women's T-Shirt

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Now the Viper Pilot Premium Ship Patch emblem -- the symbol of achievement worn by the likes of Starbuck, Lee Adama and Admiral William Adama -- can be yours to wear.

With the help of artist Lindsay Coderre, this emblem was recreated from high-res images from the sci-fi TV series Battlestar Galactica (2004 - 2009) and applied to the kind of T-shirt that only Colonial Viper pilots would be allowed to wear — making it possible for you to join a very exclusive club, all without having to be under Cylon fire.

The sleek image from the ship patch is emblazoned on a red heather shirt.

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Width 19.5" 20.5"
Length 28" 29"


  • Shirt Colors: Heather Red
  • Fabric: 90% cotton/10% polyester preshrunk blend

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