Star Trek™ Womens Dress - Velour Line - Updates

Current Shipping Estimate:  Spring 2017 (March 20 - June 20)

Latest Update: June 17th, 2017

  • This update is to provide notification of a feature change to this dress, as well as provide an update on its current status.  During development of this dress, our production team added additional length to the bottom of the dress in order to provide extra comfort for the wearer.  This bottom hem is sewn in a way to make it easy for the wearer to have it hemmed to their desired length.  We have updated the sizing chart on the product page to reflect this change.

    This dress has been received in our warehouse and is currently being packaged for shipment by our fulfillment team.  During inspection of the received final product, our production team determined that the bicep section of the sleeve fits snugly and may be too snug for some customers.  As such we have provided a bicep measurement on the sizing chart of the product page.  Should you need any assistance with your order after reviewing the sizing chart, please contact our customer support team.   Go To The Sizing Chart Now 

Archived Updates

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