Sizing and Measuring Instructions

In order to aid our customers in understanding sizes of our various offerings, we've put together this set of instructions. Please feel free to print these out, so when you do go to get measured you can use it as a guide.

How to Measure

Some of the basics in measuring:

  1. Never measure yourself. Always have another person take your measurements, preferably an experienced tailor.
  2. Never refer to sizing for other clothing pieces. A consistent guide does not exist between manufacturers, as many manufacturers often use "vanity sizing" as a psychological tool. Vanity sizing is both inaccurate and inappropriate for items that will require custom tailoring. Use physical measurements only per these instructions.
  3. Keep the tape firm but not tight.
  4. Make sure the tape is level around the area you are measuring.
  5. Take measurements in inches to determine correct sizing.

How to measure specific areas for fitting:

  • NECK: Measure around the adams apple of the the neck.
  • CHEST: Measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and around the shoulder blades.
  • WAIST (for men's tunics and undershirts, and women's dresses): Measure from the navel point around the thinner area of the belly.
  • WAIST (for men's pants only): Measure around where you naturally wear your pants, keeping tape measure a bit loose.
  • HIPS: Measure the widest part of the Gluteus Maximus.
  • ARM LENGTH (Raglan Sleeve): With your arm relaxed at side and slightly bent, measure from the center back of the neck, over point of shoulder, down to the outside of the wrist.
  • ARM LENGTH (Standard Sleeve): With your arm relaxed at side and slightly bent, measure from the point of the shoulder and down to the outside of the wrist.
  • BODY LENGTH: While standing up straight, measure beginning at the base of the neck to the waist in a straight line.
  • INSEAM: Measure from the crotch to the ankle bone.

IMPORTANT: Please refer to this sizing and measurement guide to acquire your measurements, then matching them up with the individual sizing guides on the appropriate product page. This will provide the information needed how to properly have your measurements taken (you should NEVER measure yourself) to select a size. Buyer assumes full responsibility of sizes submitted for order. Upon submission of the order, the Buyer absolves ANOVOS of responsibility for incorrect measurements submitted and reserves the right for any exchanges to be made at the complete discretion of ANOVOS.

Additional Notes

  • Please have your measurements taken properly by a professional tailor. This will be helpful in not only placing a correct order, but will also help with the additional tailoring that may be required for a precise fit to your body type.
  • As with any clothing piece, tailoring will be required for a custom fit, as sizes are optimum measurements. We do not make custom-sized garments.
  • If you find yourself wanting to let a garment out, it is best to order the next size up and then have the item tailored in, as our pieces are designed that way -- as are most garments in general.