Rey “Jakku” Premier Ensemble - Updates

Current Shipping Estimate:  Winter 2017 (December 22 - March 19)


Latest Update: September 21st, 2017

  • After extensive discourse with our manufacturer we have to report that, in order to uphold the level of quality expected from an ANOVOS product, we must extend our shipping estimate to Winter 2017. Unfortunately, some unforeseen circumstances arose with the different size grades. This forced us to halt and reevaluate the product for quality in order to meet the expectations of a premier line offering. We know that the product’s final quality is important to our customers, and always keep these needs in mind when producing these products. Additionally, these circumstances forced us to reevaluate the gravity of the situation; including bringing in additional manufacturers that can guarantee ANOVOS quality and get customers the final product.

Archived Updates

  • June 20th, 2017: This item is currently in production with our manufacturers. While we originally anticipated production to be complete in time for a spring delivery, after a recent review of our production calendar, it was determined that this is unfortunately not the case.  As such, we have updated our shipping estimate to Summer 2017.