Payment Plan FAQs

ANOVOS is proud to offer a convenient new payment program to allow you more control over payments for items that might normally be out of your reach.

Which items are eligible for the payment plan?
Eligible items are noted on each corresponding product page, or you can refer to the Payment Plan Collection on our website.

Why are you doing away with the Tiered pricing system?
Our Tiered pricing had the singular benefit of a discount when pre-ordering a product during an introductory timeframe. However, many customers were still unable to afford payment in full at time of pre-order. We now have the ability to allow customers to pay in installments over a period of time.

So no more discounts for newly-released items?
No. ANOVOS uses funding from pre-orders for research and development of new products. The Payment Plan, while a great benefit to customers, effectively reduces valuable capital used for product development.

Can I use a coupon code in conjunction with the payment plan?
Using a coupon code in conjunction with the Payment Plan would adversely affect initial project funding even further.

What if I prefer to pay all at once?
We still offer the option of making a single payment through the shopping cart checkout. Additionally, customers may use coupon codes if paying in full up front.

Can I use an digital gift certificate in conjunction with the Payment Plan? 
Not at this time. The Payment Plan only accepts major credit cards.

Do I have to pay anything up front?
An initial down payment is required, and there is a small set-up fee per transaction.

When am I charged for periodic payments?
You determine the schedule for payments during the checkout phase.

When am I charged for shipping?
Shipping fees are determined just prior to your pre-order’s estimated shipping date. You will be contacted with a final amount. 

When does my order actually ship?
Please refer to our Updates pages for estimated delivery dates. However, note that your purchase will not ship until payment is made in full, including shipping fees.

Are there any limitations I should know about?
If you are purchasing more than one item and one of them is not eligible for the Payment Plan, you will be required to purchase the items separately.

What if I miss a payment?
Customers are contractually required to make their payments as scheduled, but if you are unable to make a payment or accidentally miss a payment, you should contact within 10 days of the payment due date. If you default on your contract we reserve the right to cancel your order and retain setup fees.

What if I cancel my pre-order before an item ships?
We still honor our “golden rule” policy of full refunds requested any time before a product is shipped to minimize your risk.

Can I enroll an existing pre-order into the Payment Plan?
Sorry, only new pre-orders qualify for the payment plan.

Why can't I seem to checkout once items are in my shopping cart?
There is currently a limitation that only allows checkout if ALL items in the cart qualify. If you have a mix of qualifying and non-qualifying items, the workaround is to make two separate purchases. We are working on resolving this inconvenience.