NovoStarter Projects

Our #1 Goal: Getting fans what they want and making everyone (well, most everyone) happy.

Typically, small-scale niché projects like the Battlestar Galactica™ Lee Adama Bomber Jacket or the Star Trek Enterprise Archer Flight Jacket would have fallen down the queue for development, limited by the monetary resources and prioritization of other large scale projects at any given time. Due to this process, even the most fan-demanded projects would have to take its place further downstream, presenting risk of being pushed further down the list... or worse, never being realized at all.

At ANOVOS we brainstormed how to rectify this problem, because frankly we wanted to see these projects done as much as you do... Yes, that means having our cake and eating it with you!

The goals:

  1. Come out with a niché fan-demanded project.
  2. Bringing it to you at a bargain price and thanking you for your loyalty and patience.
  3. Still have just enough margin to keep ANOVOS in the positive for the project.

Our answer: The NovoStarter Projects.

The goal of the NovoStarter Projects is to put you, the fans, in the cockpit where you can either drive the product into full production — or stop it all together — based on the amount of pre-orders made.

At ANOVOS, we are fully invested in seeing these projects come to light, so in efforts to help you either buy-in or spread the word, we've set up pricing structures that meet our minimum margin needs. Most importantly, we want to THANK YOU, our most loyal and dedicated of fans, by ranging the pricing structures from "good price" (20% off) to "What a steal!" bargain pricing (close to 50% off of the final retail price), all depending on how early you buy into the project.

We hope these NovoStarter projects are a success. It will mark a new chapter getting the most demanded replicas ever produced by your command, for your demand.

Of course, it should be said that if a NovoStarter project doesn't come to fruition, your order towards anyNovoStarter project will be completely refunded.