First Order Stormtrooper Premier Kit - Update

Current Shipping Estimate:  Fall 2017 (September 22 - December 21)

Latest Update: June 9th, 2017

  • As noted in the March update below, upon near-completion of the helmets included in this kit our production team had to return to the pre-production stage.  While we originally anticipated we would be able to expedite the production and manufacturing process in order to ensure a Spring delivery, after further careful review of our production schedule, it was determined that this is unfortunately not the case.  The helmets are currently in the final stages of pre-production. As such, we have updated our shipping estimate for this item to Fall 2017. Please note that once the helmets are in their production stage we will be shipping orders as product becomes available, starting with the oldest orders.

Archived Updates

  • March 16th, 2017: This kit is in its final stages of production with many of its various components either near completion or completed. However, upon review of the helmets our quality control team discovered surface imperfections covering enough of the helmet to warrant halting production. Further evaluation determined that the moulds themselves needed to be retired and remade. This has affected delivery of all premier helmets including the helmets created for this kit.