First Order Stormtrooper Armor - Updates

Latest Update: September 20th, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

As Summer draws to a close, we wanted to send you an informative update chock full of pictures of what we’ve done to bring you the ultimate replica set of armor. In the past, our updates have just grazed the surface of the amount of effort that’s gone into designing and coming to final creation of this armor. This update provides a broader picture of our manufacturing process and allows us to finally bring you into the last steps of our journey together.

With that said, we would be remiss if we didn’t continually thank you and be 100% appreciative of the support you’ve given us over our time together. There are no words that can possibly match how we feel as a company towards you and we only hope that our final product not only matches but surpasses your expectations, as it has ours. We can say with confidence that our final product surpasses any prototype we’ve ever displayed publicly.

The Summer Update

We have wonderful news! The five-month process of “cutting steel” is finally over, which is typically the longest point of a manufacturing process of this nature.

You may be asking yourself two things: What does that mean? Why steel?

Some backstory here to give some reference: Before we made the decision to cut steel, ANOVOS manufacturing had a process of using conventional vacuum-form moulds consisted of fiberglass with steel elements. While this process takes about three months to create, the results were less than stellar when we received the first samples. Though many of the pieces were passable, it was a process that led to significant degradation over time and something we didn’t feel comfortable with due to inconsistencies throughout the run.

The use of our conventional vacuum-form moulds would mean that Trooper #1 could potentially get a different product than Trooper #10,001. The biggest culprit for this was the uneven transfer of heat across complex surface curvatures particular to this armor, despite the metal elements to help conduct the heat throughout.

Therefore, after careful deliberation — and much hesitation for yet another massive delay — we opted to cut moulds out of full metal and eliminate the fiberglass elements completely. That means that all the hard armor parts across the whole body. By doing so, we would get the best heat conductivity possible, thereby creating a smooth consistent surface from Trooper #1 to #10,001. The end results have been amazing and large surface warpage (particularly for larger pieces, such as the chest and abdomen) have all been eliminated. Additionally, we engineered all of the pieces of this armor to minimize final assembly time.

The trade-off is, of course, the five-month delay (which is done) and another month to fine tune (where we are now). Once this fine-tuning is approved, the armor will begin manufacturing.

We are delighted to share with you the pictures of our first set of ‘raw’ pulls from the molds. We are now dialing in the final critiques with the aim of even sharper armor than what you see here.

As promised, we are still intending on saving you massive amounts of time by pre-trimming the excess plastic and, for those of you worried about sizing, you will still be able to appropriately size the armor to you within most standard body types. The cutting will be performed by a five-axis machine, which will ensure a clean, precision cut.  (This is a feature that will be no charge to be only included in this run of the armor, as one of our many tokens of appreciation for your patience and understanding.)

In addition to that, you will now have the ability to use the provided armor to tailor your build to either The Last Jedi or The Force Awakens style armor.

Lastly, with this final adjustment in manufacturing, it means we will be pushing the first wave of delivery out one more season to get these final pieces out to you. We will then send out successive waves with aimed completion before Celebration 2019.

We hope that by providing you with these pictures, and this more specific and detailed update, we can mitigate any concerns you have about the completion of this project. Very few of you have left this project and we cannot possibly be more indebted to you, who’ve stayed for your kindness and understanding. We hope the initial savings you had at the beginning (the final prices will be multifold higher) coupled with the time savings from the precision trim will begin to makeup for the time it took to perfect this product, and ultimately restore your excitement to when you finally receive these.

Sincerest Regards,

Joe Beaudoin Jr.

Product Development Manager