Due to the volume of questions we often receive, we've assembled this page to answer general questions.

How can I check the status of my order?

Shipping estimates are being provided for projects in development via our Shipping Calendar.

If I need to update my shipping address, can I do so? 

Yes, simply reach out to us on live chat (the support icon in the lower right hand corner) Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST or email us at support@anovos.com so we may update your address in our master system.  Please note that updating your address on your online account will NOT update your address in our master system.  If you need to update your shipping address you must contact customer service.

How does sizing work? Does ANOVOS make uniforms to my custom measurements?

To streamline the manufacturing process, we have designated letters sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, etc.) for general measurement ranges. We do not make costumes based on custom measurements provided by customers.

Some product pages provide a sizing chart, in addition to how to properly get your clothing measurements. We also advise tailoring of most uniforms, as that is the only way to attain the ideal fit for individual body types.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that size designations from clothing you purchase at a retail location that lists dress, pant, and shirt sizes are embellished for the consumer. These are not industry standard measurements used by clothing manufacturers internally, and ANOVOS uses the industry standard measurements.

If I have a bulk order or want to commission a costume to my own personal measurements (which go outside of the standard ones provided by ANOVOS), how do I go about doing that?

We do not create uniforms on a commission basis to custom sizes. 

As for bulk orders (based solely on our standardized sizing guides), you may contact us via our customer support system.

Are helmets and other accessories available as standalone items?

Yes! We understand that some fans already own certain components or want to build a costume over time for financial reasons, so many of our accessories are available separately. Some items, however, may contain features that are only available with the purchase of a full ensemble.

Are ANOVOS Star Wars costumes "501st eligible"?

ANOVOS does not determine standards for membership in costume clubs. We would like to make our costumes accessible to as many fans as possible for "trooping," but customers may need to make modifications based upon what is required by the costuming groups to ensure standards as well as a proper fit. Please consult each group's own website for details.

Will ANOVOS be making blasters and other props?

Our current Star Wars license is limited to costumes and wearable items, excluding shoes. As such, items like belts (which are "wearable" components of a costume) can be produced while items like blasters (which are items that are "held") cannot be produced. However, our other licenses such as Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica do have the potential for such items.

You haven't announced it yet, but will ANOVOS be making (fill in the blank)?

Due to ongoing changes in business decisions and to avoid disappointment, we try not to make premature announcements about products that may not make it to the concept phase. Your best bet is to subscribe to our newsletter (http://bit.ly/anovosnews) or closely follow our social media to be first to hear about new releases.

How much will (fill in the blank) cost?

Prices are determined at time of product availability/pre-order. To help make items more attainable, we also have a Payment Plan option.

Will these costumes be "screen accurate?"

As many costumers know, screen accuracy does not always translate into "wearability." As such, ANOVOS strives to maintain as much detail as possible with its products, but not at the cost of making an item unbearably uncomfortable. We may also make some aesthetic changes to certain items to enhance functionality or overall appearance. Our goal is to provide fans with "wearable fandom."

Will ANOVOS be making scaled versions of armor and other costumes for various sizes?

Soft goods costumes and some items like belts are offered in various sizes, but armor will only be available in one standard size at this time. As with all of our products, we recommend working with a tailor to achieve that perfect fit.

Will ANOVOS be making footwear?

Footwear is currently outside of our Star Wars license (and the other licenses that we make product for), but we are investigating ways to make costuming components like boots available to our customers. 

Does ANOVOS sell armor in "kit form" so I can customize the fit to my own body?

Yes! We understand that, for many fans, building the armor themselves is a gratifying part of costuming as well as the only way to ensure a proper fit. As we are able to reduce the cost of assembly, kits are typically offered at a lower price point.

Will the armor and helmets be original sculpts?

Some of our items are digitally-scanned and remastered from screen-used artifacts while others are painstakingly recreated by our team of artists. Our goal is to produce a product that is true to the original form as well as comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.

Do you deliver to my country?

Our current licensed territories are listed on each product page.

If I find that the costume doesn't fit me, is it returnable/exchangeable? 

Yes. Please see our returns and exchanges policy here: http://anovos.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

I still have questions, what other resources are available to me?

Additional FAQS:

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