Discovery Starfleet Phaser Interactive Prop Replica - Wave 3 Updates

Current Shipping Estimate:  Fall 2018 (September 22 - December 21))

Latest Update: September 4th, 2018

  • The production of these intricately detailed phaser replicas has been completed this season. The final safety testing and approvals are currently in process and we anticipate them to be completed very soon. There is a possibility that these requirements may not be completed before the end of the Summer season, and as such we are moving the projected shipping of these items to Fall 2018. Once a more precise determination is made of when these replicas will arrive to our Fulfillment Center you will be notified via a future update.

Archived Updates

  • April 23rd, 2018: We recently conducted a review with this manufacturer and determined that production has begun on these waves and, while they are making good progress with the volume we have commissioned them to complete, there is a possibility that they will not complete them all in the Spring season. For this reason we are adjusting the delivery schedule on these replicas to reflect Summer 2018.
  • November 7th, 2017: This item became available for reservation today with an anticipation of a April 2018 delivery for this wave (the third 50 units).