About Us

ANOVOS (a-noh'-vōs) -derived from the Latin word:

novo (noh'-vō) -to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent.

ANOVOS represents the pinnacle of quality in screen accurate uniforms and prop replicas accomplished by the manufacturing and marketing of limited offerings from movies, television and contemporary media.

Founded in 2009, ANOVOS was awarded the STAR TREK™ uniform replica license covering the design, prototyping, manufacturing and distribution of not only STAR TREK 2009 but also the movie and television line, including The Original Series. Shortly after, ANOVOS was awarded the new Battlestar Galactica™ line by NBCU covering not only all uniform replicas, but also all prop replicas and accessories. Most recently, ANOVOS acquired the license for high-end STAR WARS™ costumes and GHOSTBUSTERS™ costumes and props.

Forming a relationships with our corporate counterparts, ANOVOS sets the expectation and stresses the importance of resource access with emphasis on the pre-production components. Coupled with our dedication to reference material study, this has created a partnership which ensures the accuracy integrity in both material and process understanding. You can expect a commitment to excellence and investment with every piece you add to your collection.

Joe S.

It all started with one question from a good friend and teacher: "Do you want to learn how to make props?" That one question started a devotion to the art that I've dabbled in personally and professionally for over ten years. In this journey, I've met some of the most gifted artists, dearest friends and meaningful connections enabling ANOVOS to be here today. With all that I have learned through those years, the products are the compilation of the passion, experience and love for an art that now, we are extremely excited to share you.

Dana G.

Growing up as a kid I was passionate about movies, but I was more fascinated how they were made. At an early age, it frustrated me why toy props and costumes from my favorite movies and TV shows were cheap and never what I remember seeing on screen. So I immersed myself into researching how props and costumes where built so I could make them exactly the same way. This is why ANOVOS was started, to provide Production Quality Uniforms and Props to individuals who are as passionate and critical for detail as I am.

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1197 East Los Angeles Ave
Suite C301
Simi Valley, CA 93065


Phone: 321-373-7787 (U.S.A)