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STAR WARS™: THE FORCE AWAKENS: Kylo Ren Premier Costume Ensemble Without Helmet (Pre-Order)

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April 7, 2016: "5 Reasons ANOVOS' Kylo Ren Ensemble is Authentic and Amazing"

 A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren™ commands First Order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. ANOVOS is proud to offer the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Kylo Ren Premier Costume Ensemble. This is not a toy. Not suitable for children. Does not offer protection. Pre-order items are subject to change in availability and features. To purchase this ensemble with Premier Line Helmet Accessory, please click here.

This ensemble includes details duplicated from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS screen-used production assets.

  • Top-coat, hood, and scarf made of custom milled basket weave cotton with coating. 
  • Hood and scarf is supported by internal wire for proper shape.
  • Neck seal is made of faux leather with velcro closure.
  • Under tunic is pleated and coated.
  • Shirt has off-center zipper closure and pleated sleeves.
  • Trousers made of coated black denim with faux-leather tipped suspenders. 
  • Gloves are made of faux leather with welted stitching.
  • Leather belt has buckle and includes lightsaber clip. 
  • Footwear is not included. 


  • $3500.00 USD 

      Sizing Guide

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      Top Sizing





















      Arm Length

      29 1/2"

      30 1/2"

      31 1/2"

      32 1/2"

      Notes: Top Coat length to accommodate a 6’3” customer. Hemming will be necessary for all other heights. Neck seals to ship in two sizes based upon your selection of Top Sizing. Raglan Sleeve length from neckline to hem.

      Pant Sizing






      Natural Waist (NOT HIP)





      Notes: Inseam is a standard 36” to accommodate a 6’3” customer. Hemming will be necessary for all other heights. Belt is a single adjustable size. 

      Glove Sizing

        Hand Measurement 
      Medium 8-9"
      Large 9-10"
      XL 10-11"
      2XL 11-12"

      Notes: To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure at the place indicated by the red line (just below the knuckles). You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

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