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STAR TREK™: THE ORIGINAL SERIES - Men's Novelty Necktie - Command Gold

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Featuring same double-knit nylon as used on ANOVOS' high-end replica Star Trek uniform line, these ties subtly communicate your love for Star Trek for those in the know, while seamlessly blending into the business world. With a subtle command delta in the lower right corner, it would be appropriate for you to set your phasers to stunning as you sport this tie on your most important meeting days, managerial decisions, speeches to the masses….or simply as a workday tie. Nothing speaks volumes for love of Star Trek as subtly as the Star Trek Novelty Men's Necktie.

  • Professional neckties 55.5" in length.
  • Made of high quality double-knit nylon dyed to color-match the archived and preserved avocado/gold fabric swatches used in the 1969 Star Trek tunics and dresses.
  • Embroidered Delta: Small delta shield embroidered with gold-colored thread.

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