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Star Trek: The Original Series Movie Era Commendation "Pip & Squeak" Ten-Piece Device Set (2018 Pre-Order Window)

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Inspired by Earth's Naval uniform accouterments, the Starfleet uniforms from the STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES Movie-era utilize various uniform devices to display officer's duration of service in Starfleet. 

Each pin style featured in this device set was digitally re-created by our in-house artisans, giving a more professional polish to the hand-made devices utilized in the films. The goal being to create an item that could easily be issued by today's military forces -- or by 23rd-century Starfleet itself.

Offered as a ten (10) piece set to provide "Kirk" and "Spock" combinations as depicted in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, these devices will finish off the commendation band according to those characters -- or any combination of your choosing based on the number of pins available. 


  • 1:1 replica rank devices digitally re-created, matching design and size based from screen-used and production-made rank devices.
  • Set Breakdown:
    • Four (4) "squeak" pins. (Each squeak denotes a commendation received by the wearer.)
    • Four (4) "pip" pins. (Each standard pip denotes 5 years of service.)
    • Two (2) "Starfleet emblem pip" pins. (Each emblem pip denotes 10 years of service.)


  • Zinc alloy construction with gold-color electro-plating. 
  • Military-style clutch backs for pin tacks. 
  • Pin tacks are 10mm in length.


  • $29.95 USD (each set)
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