Not-at-the-Con Sale

Not-at-the-Con Deals
We love meeting fans and talking with customers in person, but we know there are many of you who can't always attend the events where we are exhibiting. To emphasize our belief in "no fan left behind," we are offering these daily discounts good for a selection of IN STOCK items that are ready to ship! Not-at-the-Con Sale runs from October 5, 2016 through October 9, 2016. The following codes are valid for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9th:

STAR TREK™: $7 TOS Division Insignia Patches with checkout code NYCCTREKPATCH

STAR WARS™: $75 Han Solo Droid Caller Accessory (No coupon code necessary)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA™: 10% off Squadron Patches with checkout code NYCCSQUAD2

    Check back each day for new deals and new coupon codes!

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    Purchases made with Payment Plan do not qualify for discounts. Discounts valid on new purchases only.
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