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Ohana Mask

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Thank you for your interest! Please be advised that, in order to better serve our community, we have limited the offer to three (3) units per household effective 30 April 2020. Thank you for your understanding!

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Please read our blog entry on the creation of the Ohana Mask, and the details of the offer below.

Due to limited quantities, each household is limited to a maximum of three (3) units. We reserve the right to prioritize healthcare workers with available stock. 

While the masks themselves are offered free of charge, any payment toward this product is for shipping and handling. S&H costs are computed and shown at checkout.


  • External covering (front) material: plastic nonwoven material
  • Interior material: 100% cotton liner 

Aesthetics, color, and printed patterning (or lack thereof) of the mask are subject to lot-to-lot variations. 


  • Interior pocket for removable filter.
  • Elastic banding around ears.
  • This item is NOT intended for medical use. 
  • Please seek the advice of CDC and local official guidelines on proper use of non-medical face coverings.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable under high heat on gentle cycle.
  • Can be machine dried. 

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