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STAR TREK™: THE CRUISE II - Collectible Pins

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Offered to participants of the Star Trek™: The Cruise II event, these high-end collectible novelty pins celebrate aspects of the sophomore event.  

Of course, in case you were on the cruise but missed out when these were offered, we wanted to give you a second chance at these before they're gone for good — as these will never be produced again.

Pins and display lanyard are available as either a complete set, or individually.


  • Pins are full-metal construction with detailed coloration. 
  • Each pin is multi-layered for optimal artistic effect, complete with textures.
  • Military-style clutch backs for pin tacks. 
  • Certain pins feature special interactive features as indicated!

Pin Styles

  • Pin #1: "Mirror, Mirror"
    • Measures 2.5in tall x 1.25in wide.
    • Features internal center disc which rotates on a vertical pin, allowing user to show either "Prime Spock" (no goatee) or "Mirror Spock" (with iconic goatee). 
    • Commemorates the first themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #2: "Sulu"
    • Measures 1.75 tall x 2in wide.
    • Features internal center disc which rotates, allowing user change Sulu in either his Star Trek: The Original Series uniform, or in his Captain's Uniform from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    • Commemorates the second themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #3: "Q"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Commemorates the third themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #4: "Risa"
    • Measures 1.625 tall x 2in wide.
    • Inset faux jewel in horga'hn. Horga'hn mimics wood-like texture from prop.
    • Commemorates the fourth themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #5: "Disco"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Dual-layered pin: "Disco"-stance Picard pin is attached to disco-ball inspired Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator badge via a short spring.
    • Commemorates the final themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #6: "Cruise"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Dual-layered pin featuring the two ships of the cruise -- the cruise ship itself, and the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. 
    • Commemorates the entirety of the cruise.


  • The nylon lanyard (sold individually) with card/badge holder created to display pins.
  • 2" wide to accommodate pins, and features velcro bottom closure near D-ring.
  • Lanyard also features Star Trek: The Cruise II logo on both sides, which lays at the back of the wearer's neck.
  • Bonus: Faint silhouette on each side of lanyard for optimum pin placement. 

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