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STAR TREK™ - Collectible Pins

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Offered to participants of the Star Trek™: The Cruise II event, these high-end collectible novelty pins celebrate aspects of the sophomore event.  

Of course, in case you missed out when these were offered, we wanted to give you a second chance at these before they're gone for good — as these will never be produced again.

Pins and display lanyards are available as either a complete set or individually.


  • Pins are full-metal construction with detailed coloration. 
  • Each pin is multi-layered for optimal artistic effect, complete with textures.
  • Military-style clutch backs for pin tacks. 
  • Certain pins feature special interactive features as indicated!

Pin Styles

  • Pin #1: "Mirror, Mirror"
    • Measures 2.5in tall x 1.25in wide.
    • Features internal center disc which rotates on a vertical pin, allowing the user to show either "Prime Spock" (no goatee) or "Mirror Spock" (with iconic goatee). 
    • Commemorates the first themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #2: "Sulu"
    • Measures 1.75 tall x 2in wide.
    • Features internal center disc which rotates, allowing user change Sulu in either his Star Trek: The Original Series uniform, or in his Captain's Uniform from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    • Commemorates the second themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #3: "Q"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Commemorates the third themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #4: "Risa"
    • Measures 1.625 tall x 2in wide.
    • Inset faux jewel in horga'hn. Horga'hn mimics wood-like texture from the prop.
    • Commemorates the fourth themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #5: "Disco"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Dual-layered pin: "Disco"-stance Picard pin is attached to disco-ball inspired Star Trek: The Next Generation communicator badge via a short spring.
    • Commemorates the final themed night of the cruise.
  • Pin #6: "Cruise"
    • Measures 2in tall x 2in wide.
    • Dual-layered pin featuring the two ships of the cruise -- the cruise ship itself, and the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series. 
    • Commemorates the entirety of the cruise.


  • The nylon lanyard (sold individually) with card/badge holder created to display pins.
  • 2" wide to accommodate pins, and features velcro bottom closure near D-ring.
  • Lanyard also features Star Trek: The Cruise II logo on both sides, which lays at the back of the wearer's neck.
  • Bonus: Faint silhouette on each side of the lanyard for optimum pin placement. 

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