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STAR TREK™ Franklin Insignia Patch

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October 6, 2016: "ANOVOS Kicks off Trek Patch Program"

STARDATE 2263. While shipwrecked on the planet Altamid, Captain Kirk, and his bridge crew discover the missing starship U.S.S. FRANKLIN. Believed lost while investigating the Gagarin Radiation Belt in 2164, Starfleet never knew what became of NX-326, her crew, or Captain Edison, until now...

This costume accessory patch features embroidery stitch pattern and thread colors that have been exactingly replicated from the original screen-used production assets used in STAR TREK™ BEYOND.

Where do you go wearing the U.S.S. FRANKLIN patch when the Final Frontier pushes back? You go BEYOND.
  • Uses seven different color threads and a backing fabric.
  • Detailed right down to stitching angle and direction.
  • Easter egg design elements pay tribute to father of STAR TREK BEYOND Director Justin Lin (Frank Lin) and Leonard Nimoy's birthday (March 26).

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