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CHAOS OF CTHULHU: Lovecraftian Dice Game

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Take hold of the damaged tome and summon forth a unique Lovecraftian nightmare, mix-and-matched from 6 different Old Ones and Dark Minions. Then clash in strategic dice battle to be the first to assemble a fully matched monster. Part strategy, part luck…all madness!


A pantheon of Elder Beings from the mind of H. P. Lovecraft has been unwittingly set loose in the basement of the teenager next door. The catch? The Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead, used to summon the creatures was torn asunder in an argument between the teen and her friends. The stars are definitely not aligned, the essential grimoire has been mended with tape, and the monsters appear as hybrid abominations, eager for the chaos of battle. The tournament to find the strongest amongst them begins...


Similar to the famous puzzle cube, you are attempting to rotate the dice in order to match each part of one monster on the same side in order to win. However, as an added challenge, you must overcome an onslaught of attacks by your opponents in order to succeed. All the action takes place simultaneously. You have to out-think and out-strategize your opponents' actions in order to manipulate your dice and theirs to your benefit.


Upon each turn your monster's body parts may rotate and change. Every time this happens, it will change your ability to defend yourself or inflict additional damage on your opponent. Many dice games are cut-throat, and some players, especially younger ones, may end up feeling secluded if they are always "taken out" quickly. In Chaos of Cthulhu, every player stays in the game until one monster emerges victorious through a combination of strategy and luck.


Each die measures a monstrous 25mm X 25mm (0.98in x 0.98in), a scale worthy of the Great Old Ones.


Read through the Chaos of Cthulhu story and rules by downloading the rulebook.



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