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FIREFLY™ "I Want to Believe" Art Print

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Made famous by the hit 1990s TV show, The X-Files, the "I Want to Believe" poster has become a symbol among sci-fi fans who believe the universe is a bigger, more interesting place than current science can explain.

Quantum Mechanix has taken that poster's famous design and added a unique twist that will resonate with Firefly fans everywhere.

Displayed on the wall of Fox Mulder's office in The X-Files, the original "I Want to Believe" poster was emblematic of the FBI agent's deep conviction that many of the paranormal events his colleagues dismissed were real and worthy of attention. With the Firefly "I Want to Believe" poster, the theme is expanded into an emblem of a Browncoat's love for Serenity.


    • Size: 27 inches wide x 40 inches high
    • Material: 100-lb satin-finish paper

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