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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA™ Viper Tattoo Women's T-Shirt

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Nothing says camaraderie in war like a tattoo among the troops. The ante has been upped with a powerful scarlet viper coiled around a Colonial Viper fighter craft -- a tattoo-style apparel design that's bound to be a real conversation-starter.

This Battlestar Galactica Viper Tattoo T-shirt pays homage to the late Norman Keith Collins, a renowned American tattoo artist who was also known as Sailor Jerry.

In the style made famous by Sailor Jerry, this shirt design -- created by artist Sean Husbands -- features bold lines, an Asiatic color palette and fine detail. Because snakes were one of Sailor Jerry's favorite symbols, the wraparound viper is a special tribute to the 20th century tattoo master.

Wearing this popular tattoo style couldn't be more painless or fashionable!

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Width 16.5" 17.5" 18.5" 19.5" 20.5"
Length 25" 26" 27" 28" 29"



  • Shirt Colors: Black
  • Fabric: 100% preshrunk cotton jersey knit

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