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Battlestar Galactica - Starbuck's Wing Tattoo - Temporary Tattoo Set

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We have teamed up with world renowned temporary tattoo manufacturer Tinsley Transfers to offer Battlestar Galactica fans Starbuck's Phoenix wing wedding vow tattoo.

Starbuck's wing tattoo is a physical reminder of her and Samuel T. "Longshot" Anders wedding vows when they marry in the Season Three episode "Unfinished Business." The striking elements of the Phoenix wing, wedding band, and Caprica symbol define her character for the remainder of the series. 


  • Comes with one (1) full-size wing tattoo, 9.5 inches high, exactingly replicated from production artwork.
  • BONUS: Comes with (1) full-size Galactica seal tattoo, replicated from production artwork. Measures 3.5 inches in diameter, the size of the uniform patches used in the series.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Water applied.
  • Colorants are FDA certified and meet or exceed all applicable United States and International regulatory requirements.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Directions for application and removal included.