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Battlestar Galactica - "Nothing But The Rain" Leggings from the Kara Collection

$ 50.00

Limited stock available in Viper Silver size XL! 
Starbuck: Morning sir. 
Commander Adama:
 Good morning Starbuck. What do you hear?
Starbuck: Nothing but the rain.
Adama: Then grab your gun and bring in the cat.
Starbuck: Boom, boom, boom! 

From the first moment in the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries, fans knew that Kara "Starbuck" Thrace would be a character who had a special destiny and would be embraced worldwide by legions of fans. This inside joke and deeply personal military "jodie" chant between "The Old Man" Adama and Starbuck would be repeated throughout the series, and is tied to pivotal character building events up to and including the character's first departure from the series in "Maelstrom". 

These leggings are designed by the talented nuggets at Gold Bubble Clothing and offered through ANOVOS. 

  • Material: Poly/spandex mix.
  • Care: Hand-wash in cold water.
  • Available in "Viper" Silver.
  • Designed referencing artwork from the production.
  • "Nothing but the rain" utilizing iconic typeface from the series on right leg.
  • "Wing" emblem with Caprica logo on left leg, mirroring the design of Starbuck's tattoo from Season 3 and onwards.

Pre-Order Information

  • Orders can be cancelled for a full-refund up until the point the item is shipped

Sizing Guide

Waist 25 28 30 35 37
Low Hip 35 38 41 45 49
Thigh 20½ 22½ 24 26 27½
Ankle 8 10 10½


If your measurements don't exactly line up with those on the sizing guide, don't worry -- spandex is very forgiving. Nothing stretches quite like spandex. If you feel like you are stuck between sizes, the general recommendation is to get the smaller size. It will stretch to fit you, and over time the fabric will relax to fit your body.

How to measure yourself:

Use a measuring tape laid flat against your body. Don't constrict the part of your body that you are measuring, or your measurement will be too small. Measure yourself while wearing only what you plan to wear underneath. 

  • Waist: This is just above your belly button. Measure your waist where your abdomen is narrowest.
  • Hips: This is below your hip bone, just above your thighs. Measure hips at their widest point. Please be aware that this may not the widest point when viewed from the front. In fact, it will probably be the widest point when viewed from the side, because your butt may contribute significantly to the measurement.
  • Thigh: Measure one thigh at its widest point, which should be near the top of the thigh.
  • Ankle: Measure one ankle at its narrowest point, which should be just above your ankle bone.