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Weathering the Proton Pack

How we Weather the
Proton Pack

So, you come home excitedly to find that your Ghostbusters Legacy Spengler Proton Pack has finally arrived! You hurriedly open your box, peel back the layered foam and there it is! You see some dust and go to wipe it off…but it doesn’t come off. That’s when you realize, that's ANOVOS’ amazing weathering.

How did they do that? 

Meet Lucie from ANOVOS. 

Lucie is our lead weathering artist here in Texas. A classically trained artist in multiple mediums she’s taken her considerable skills and adapted them to the art of making things look (purposefully) dirty. 

We presented Lucie with reference photos & video taken of the original pack, and tasked her with finding a repeatable method of recreating the scratches, dings, and scuffs seen on the original screen-used artifact piece. After lots of deliberation and learning new techniques, she finally settled on a process that nailed the look. 

An Opaque Wash

One of the surprising issues we found with weathering semi-gloss black surfaces was the fact that our conventional weathering techniques of using rust, umber, and general dark washes just don’t show up.

In addition to this issue, trying to portray metal scraping or rubbing effects with no other color just looks contrived and inauthentic.  After researching a number of techniques, Lucie finally settled on starting with an opaque wash (basically a soupy mix the color of ivory smoke). Once the wash is sponged on and carefully wiped off, it leaves a faint, dusted affect, but enough to show new contrasting color. 

Authentic Scratches

When it came to getting the scratches just right, Lucie explored a handful of techniques from actually scratching the surface of the paint (revealing the undercoat) to using a two-hair brush (no kidding). 

The technique that was settled upon was a combination of old school prop technique with metal files dipped in silver paint and utilizing some of her fine art technique with long haired brushes. 

The combination of these artforms is amazing and we feel captures the true “weathering” found on the original prop artifact. 

As the sole artist of the weathering on every Proton Pack, you can be assured that Lucie is responsible for the amazing character and unique aesthetic nature of your collectible. A replica that some of you have already received. 

From early morning, to end of day - she is relentless in the application of her aesthetic ethic.  We are proud to have her on our team, and she’s certainly earned our respect (if not at least a bit of rest!)    

Now is the perfect time to buy

As we finish the last pieces, our remaining inventory is going fast. We announced previously that the price on remaining inventory would be going up, and we now have a date for that price increase. 

Starting Monday February 8th 2021, the price of the Ghostbuster's Spengler Legacy Proton Pack will be increasing from $3500 to its final price of $4295

If you're still interested in this iconic, one-of-a-kind, ultimate collectible, we suggest you grab yours now before its too late!

Here's a SNEAK PEEK behind the scenes!


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