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Vulcan Anatomy And Teleconferencing

I've been working from home.

Many of us are working from home these days, and really there are some benefits to working this way. It's an opportunity to work in your PJ's. A stuffy conference can become a briefing aboard the Enterprise if you wear a Starfleet Uniform shirt. You can even unlock your inner logistician by attending a meeting wearing Mr. Spock's ears.

That last one has become a favorite with everyone in our house. First they're fun, and useful as we share an office these days. 

Our Vulcan Ear Buds enable us to hear and be heard by our colleagues and associates, thanks to an in-line mic, but the best part is their shape. 


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 We are natural born Trekkies afterall, and it's incredibly satisfying to present oneself in a meeting as the ultimate in logical thinking. It's also really fun to make a little game out of it.

  "I wonder if anyone will notice the Vulcan in the room?"

Our Vulcan Earbuds are arguably the most whimsical product we've ever made. Sculpted to match the ear tips designed for Leonard Nimoy by original series make-up designer Fred Phillips, ours sit comfortably on top of human ears without the need for any adhesive at all. And, with three earbud sizes there's no problem customizing a pair to fit anyone.

It felt appropriate to wear my Vulcan ear buds while writing this piece. 

They came in handy while alternating between the soundtrack for "This Side of Paradise" and returning phone calls. 

A few minutes ago though, a friend & coworker popped in to a video meeting and spotted “my” ears. 

He dryly raised his left eyebrow in a perfect imitation of our favorite Vulcan scientist, looked directly at me, and with the slightest of smirks said "Fascinating."

It was truly funny, and the only logical thing to do. 


John Cooley 
John Cooley is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.  

John Cooley May 19, 2020 4 tags (show)