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Update on Starships Part One | New Sourcing!

Update on Starships: New Sourcing! 

The impact of Covid-19 is nothing new, nor are the reasons on how it had affected ANOVOS very acutely with our overseas productions. 

What you may not have known is that our Star Trek Studio-Scale starships, while constructed here in the USA, were actually partially printed and sourced in China. Thus, when the pandemic struck we were faced with a brief pause in our production of the studio scale ships.  

We wanted to bring you inside on what was going on during this period of uncertainty in this multi-part series. Before we go any further, let me spoil the ending, we started back in full production Studio Scale Starships about a month ago and it's going great starting with the completions of the Studio Scale Discovery : Enterprise then Discovery to quickly follow. 

While this is now in the past and we are fully in construction again, a brief reflection on that calamitous period shows a silver lining: The pause gave us the opportunity to really review our 3D sculpts and how we were making these ships to bring out the best ships possible. 

Silver Lining

In reviewing the most urgent issue, our sourcing for 3D printing of the ships had stopped all together, simply, because there was nobody present in the shop to even hit “go”. The wait had become a week, to weeks, to months and we were really beginning to fret. Right around this time, another option had started becoming available as the company we had previously  purchased our 3D printing machines, PEOPOLY, had just unveiled their biggest printer to date… the XXL ! We contacted them immediately and asked to be the first machine out despite it being another three months before delivery. 

While waiting for this printer we started reviewing our files, inch for inch, detail for detail. While the original model was outstanding, there were a few areas in which we noted were getting lost in the print and finishing process. Coupling this with what we knew about the resolution of print from the new printer coming in we took on the month long task of sharpening the file. 

Bringing it all under one roof...literally. 

During this time, we also started training a second team out in Texas, to construct the ships with the goal of transferring manufacturing under one roof. While we waited, they trained on one of the most complicated 'aztecing' beasts of all time, the Star Trek Refit 1701 ! With the help of renowned 'aztecing' guru Gary Chomiak, the young team was able to construct their first studio scale ship complete with lighting.

But, as with all ANOVOS quality, the magic is in the quality and it has to hold up after scaling up. After accomplishing this small feat, they were then tasked with training for scaling up by constructing three ships at a time. What a challenge and more on this later. 

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Joe Salcedo February 05, 2021 4 tags (show)