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Trip Tucker's NX-02 Patch

Capt. Hernandez: "Commander, drop by the quartermaster's at the end of your shift." 
Cmdr. Tucker: "Ma'am?" 
Capt. Hernandez: "Might want to update your uniform." 
::Indicating his sleeve with the "Enterprise" patch still attached::
Cmdr. Tucker: "Aye, Captain." 

- Trip Tucker and Erika Hernandez aboard the NX-02 COLUMBIA. 

When Trip Tucker transfers to Columbia from the Enterprise its for a number of reasons, mostly personal rather than professional. Headhunted by Captain Erika Hernandez to be Chief Engineer aboard her newly finished NX-02, Trip initially refused to leave Enterprise but later accepted the transfer.

For Trip it ended up being a relatively short assignment to Columbia, but for us it marked a fun block of episodes in the final season of STAR TREK: Enterprise. Those are some of our favorites from that series, and so we couldn't resist recreating Trip's assignment patch from his sojourn to Enterprise's sister-ship.

We were given the best reference the Star Trek archive had for our recreations of patches from Enterprise, but we went beyond that and spoke directly to the artists who originally designed them for the series itself. 

I've got one of these sewn to one of my old flight jackets, and love that it blends in with all of my old USAF patches. Every once in a while another Trekkie will notice the patch when I'm wearing that jacket, and it never fails to start a conversation, or friendship. It may be weird, but then the motto on the patch holds true.


John Cooley 
John Cooley is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.  

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