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Designed to a Vulcan's Specifications : The LN1 Vulcan Ears

KIRK: She really liked those ears?

SPOCK: Captain, the Horta is a remarkably intelligent and sensitive creature, with impeccable taste.
- From Star Trek: The Original Series, “Devil in the Dark”

I’d like to return to the subject of one of my previous articles and mention an extra tidbit-- we also made a "wireless" version of our Vulcan earbuds with a Bluetooth compatible inline remote & microphone. What’s more, these ears are specially color matched to Spock himself!


More than 50 years have passed since the television series that changed the world first aired. Star Trek™, the Original Series, launched a world of imagination that forever changed science fiction.
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Now, I use a pair of our standard Vulcan ear buds with a 3.5mm audio jack (as that works best with my computer), but I also have a pair of Wireless Ears. that are great for listening to audiobooks on the go. At least, they were mine, but someone in our house “stole" them, swapped out the earbuds for their size, and used them to talk to their friends. Obviously, whoever did it is unfamiliar with Spock's warning to Stonn.

While the wireless capabilities are great, the thing I like most about the wireless ears is that they are molded in a very specific color.

It was developed in 1965 exclusively for STAR TREK; a make-up color called "LN-1." Being a green blooded Vulcan', Mr. Spock would have a slightly different skin tone than his crewmates. 

Gene Roddenberry asked Original Series makeup designer Fred Phillips (the creator of Mr.Spock's ears) to develop a makeup that gave Leonard Nimoy's character a decidedly alien appearance

The greenish-yellow base make-up "LN-1" was the result, and is still manufactured & used for some actors playing Vulcans today. 

These ears are, to me, just plain fun. As a kid playing "Star Trek'' with my friends (and on the rare occasion that I was picked to play Mr. Spock'), I would put on a pair of plastic Vulcan ears my Dad had found for me. I have fond memories with those ears on, and even learned how to raise my left eyebrow in a perfect imitation of Mr. Nimoy's. 

All these years later it's still fun talking to some of those same friends, and sharing very Human laughter while under a pair of Vulcan ears. It may not be very logical, but it's a lot of fun.



John Cooley 
John Cooley is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.  

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