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The Clothes Make the Man - Han Solo's Bold and Simple Style

There is no doubt that Han Solo’s popularity can be attributed to the charm Harrison Ford brought to the roguish smuggler. Therefore his ensemble was carefully designed to match his cavalier, yet heroic attitude. Han Solo’s costume in the A New Hope consisted of a simple cotton vest, a white woolen shirt, and his famously ‘blood stripe’ detailed pants. He didn’t need fancy trim or ornate fabrics to look the part. 

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In The Empires Strikes Back, the costume continued this same look, changing the color of the pants and blood stripe, and replacing the vest with a jacket. A combination of deeper colors and better fabrics upgraded the costume. Anovos replicated Han Solo’s suave look with a 100% wool jacket, wool flannel shirt, and brown wool blend trousers with the signature golden embroidered detail up the leg.

We paid special attention to make sure our replica is as close to the original as possible. The shirt is custom dyed to perfectly match the screen used item and is made with the same pattern, providing the easy fit and movability required of a smuggler. The trousers are not just embroidered with the blood-stripes, but in the same slightly angled style of the original, often missing in Han Solo replicas.

His distinct yet simple jacket is the perfect piece to complete your Star Wars Hero look.

  • Pocket details and color to compliment Mr. Ford,
  • Made of a high-quality wool blend.
  • Fully lined, it offers a comfortable fit for everyday use.
  • The fabric was custom produced in Britain.
  • Final production of the jacket was manufactured here in the USA.
With a detailed topstitching, four pockets on the front and one pocket on the sleeve, this style of jacket is classic enough to be worn for years to come.

As with most of Anovos’ costume offerings, all three items were patterned to the specifications of our stateside models to ensure universal fit, utilizing references from the original garments. Not only is this costume perfect to complete your Han Solo look, but stylish enough for everyday wear.  

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