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What's Happening with Star Trek on Paramount+?

yI'el! nuqneH! 

Or "Welcome" & "Greetings!" for our non-Klingon speaking friends!

Today is one of those days I couldn't have imagined when I was a kid. With today's launch of PARAMOUNT+ there's one home for the entire STAR TREK UNIVERSE! 

I know a streaming network doesn't have "channels" the way my generation thinks of what that word used to mean. There's no dial on our TVs to turn anymore (like I would to tune in WBFF Channel 45 in Baltimore) to watch one of Star Trek's original 78 episodes. 

But, to put it in those antiquated terms, I just got "The Star Trek Channel" on my TV, and I couldn't be happier!

Watching Star Trek on that old fuzzy UHF channel broadcast from Charm City (GO ORIOLES!), was always fun, and I don't ever remember wishing for a bigger or clearer picture. 

I was just happy I could watch Star Trek everyday afterschool. I've seen every episode, but who cares. Maybe today I'll get "Space Seed" or "Tomorrow is Yesterday"...

I could not have imagined the advances we have today. Watching Star Trek now isn't just the 78 slot roulette wheel it was when I was a kid. 

We have 810 episodes to choose from among 10 different series and films...with even more on the way!

One of the new shows I can't wait for is Star Trek: Prodigy that warps in later this year on PARAMOUNT+. As a parent myself I've long been an advocate for making modern Star Trek appealing to kids, and from what I've seen so far Prodigy is that show and then some. 

Now, I know to some it may seem odd to say that the franchise needs something for the kids. After all I found Star Trek at 4 years old and I'm still here. But, that ignores the fact that today's children have so many more options for entertaining themselves than at any other point in history. 

If you think back even just a few years ago when Cable TV was 200 channels and (other than Star Trek, and maybe The Kids In The Hall) there still wasn't anything on!

Today's kids can watch anything in the world someone can point a lens at. Star Trek needs something that can speak to kids now, or they’ll run to something else, and our fandom risks stagnation & death.

And I for one can't wait to see this whole NEW approach to Star Trek. 

Prodigy's concept of having a young crew of non-Terrestrial humanoids find a derelict starship is inspired. The Star Trek Universe is large enough that it can support characters with no connection to Starfleet's security blanket. 

But make no mistake - Starfleet's presence will be felt in the guise of Captain Kathryn Janeway. This promises to be a whole lot of fun, and that's as it should be.  

Star Trek has always been at its best when it's sense of fun is firing on all thrusters.


p.s. I'm really digging the Tellarite kid from the Star Trek: Prodigy promo image that dropped. I think he's gonna end up one of my favorite characters!

Him, or maybe the *Medusan in the travel suit. 

*pure speculation


John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS

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