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Star Trek: Discovery Hand Phaser (Fulfillment Update)

Hello Officers,

I am pleased to inform you that the newest batch of Star Trek: Discovery Hand Phasers have begun shipping.

Please be advised that we are shipping these out in waves throughout the next two quarters (basically from April, and continuing through October), as we are receiving these in waves in order to catch up on the backlog of this exceedingly popular product.

The primary reason for the delay is due to the shift of manufacturing from our U.S. manufacturer to our Asia manufacturer, as a result of the extreme demand for this particular product. Frankly, it was far more popular than we had projected.

An unexpected result of this shift was that we ran into challenges regarding how customs would react to prop replica “firearms”, given that the Discovery phaser ticks off a few disconcerting marks: it has a gun-metal look, and it has the silhouette of a pistol. This required further review and planning in order to meet the proper legal guidelines. We even re-engineered the phaser so that we could have components finished at our Asia factory, with the final assembly of the completed Phaser by our state-side team, if needed. (Fortunately, we didn’t have to go that far.)

Battery Pack

One notable thing from these re-engineering sessions came to pass: we were able to redesign the internals for the Battery pack for the phaser. While we’ll dive deeper into that for a future blog, the summation of it is that only one type of battery is required--instead of two separate battery types to power the main body indicator feature and the power indicator light in the battery pack. This battery type (4LR44), as well as battery installation instructions, will be located in our instructions for the Discovery Hand Phaser—we’re in the process of finalizing the update to the instructions now, and will share that in a future blog update.

4LR44 Battery

A note regarding the display stands: These have been re-designed as well for better durability, and are being handled by another vendor. However, we do not expect the stands to be available until late Q3 2019 at the earliest, as we have prioritized the release of the phasers first. (Because, phasers are cool, and are the most important part of this whole thing.)

Hailing Frequencies Closed, for now.

J. James, Operations Coordinator

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