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Proton Packs Are Shipping Out!

Spengler Legacy Proton Packs are Shipping Out! 

For the fortunate few out there who ordered our Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy Proton Packs, here’s what to expect when it arrives!

First of all, these ‘little’ guys are heavy! We weighed the pack in at about 38 pounds (roughly the same weight as the original “Hero” packs in Ghostbusters). We had to take the necessary precautions to ensure this prop arrived to you in one piece so it would look nice and presentable the second it left its box and placed onto its stand. In order to secure both the pack and wand, we hand cut each layer of foam to match the “topography” of each prop. 

When you receive yours, be sure to lift the foam out layer by layer, caring for the neutrona wand first.

-Once the second layer is lifted, the wand will have to be fed through the remaining layers of foam to release it securely. Once free, lay your wand down gently next to the pack.

-At this point, we recommend taking out the stand, unfolding it and having it ready to receive the pack. We also recommend having someone assist you in removing the pack and neutrona wand from the box.

-While lifting the pack out of its box have your assistant lift the wand. Once out, place your proton pack onto the stand, slide the wand carefully on to it’s holster, and activate the power switch!

Did you miss out?
There's still time left to grab one of the few remaining inventory Remaining for the Legengary interactive Ultimate Ghostbusters Collectible!

Joe Salcedo February 22, 2021 0 tags (show)