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MARVEL™ Q4 2019 Update

We are excited about what 2020 is going to bring us with MARVEL. We have a lot of irons in the fire and can’t wait to open the doors to what our production team has been working on in secret. 

Our current offering consists of three “inspired“ hero jackets. Each of these items has presented their own unique set of challenges and have been a pleasure to work on. New methods of production and development have not only been created but streamlined since we first offered these to fans.

Since offering these jackets, we have struggled to find a manufacturer able to create what was envisioned. This proved to be a huge undertaking, but one we are proud to say we believe we have found the perfect partner for. 

Captain America: Civil War inspired Jacket
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord Jacket

The jackets now will be better than we had anticipated and we look forward to showing the production sample with an in-depth blog post when it is available. The Star Lord Jacket is being made first and Captain America will be quick at his heels. This adjusts our delivery time table to Q2 2020 for both.


Black Widow Civil War Inspired Costume Jacket

Production has been complicated and not without its hurdles. Our Black Widow jacket only had less than a dozen interested customers. We had been hopeful that a small bespoke run would allow us to fulfill this miniature order and not force us to cancel, but sadly that is not the case. Since this small group has been loyal, we are going to reach out to each of you individually and see if there is a way we can reward your faith in us. If you are one of the few, please be on the lookout for our message, or contact our customer service directly if it doesn’t find you. 

Charlie // Director of Customer Experience

For inquiries and questions regarding our products, head to our Customer Support Page.

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