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JOIN THE EMPIRE - Part Two Galen Erso

In Part One, we explored one way you’d end up working for the Imperial Military; conscription from birth. Today we'll be talking about the service of another unwilling participant, Galen Walton Erso.

You may be familiar with Galen as the father of Jyn Erso, the stalwart protagonist of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

Born on the planet Grange, Galen grew up in a poor neighborhood with slim prospects. Exceptional from a young age, however, he quickly out-learned his fellow classmates and by secondary school had established himself as something of a prodigy. By the age of 25 he was considered an expert in the fields of crystallography and energy enhancement. This made him a prime candidate for abduction by the Imperial Military.


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By happenstance, Galen became best friends with one Orson Krennic while studying the Futures Program on Brentaal in 40 BBY. Krennic would of course go on to later become the Director of the Imperial Military's Department of Advanced Weapons Research. 

By the time of The Clone Wars, these two had lost touch and Galen, along with his wife, were captured and imprisoned by the Iron Gauntlet Legion. During a prisoner exchange, the now Director Krennic ‘rescued’ the couple. Unknown to Galen, Krennic’s true intentions were to put Galen in his debt in order to persuade him to use his knowledge of kyber crystals in the development of the Death Star’s superlaser.

After some resistance, and fearing for his family’s safety, Galen fell under Krennic’s influence. He began working tirelessly on the project despite Krennic’s reluctance to show him what the potential laser’s ultimate purpose would be. 

Ultimately, after learning of the weapon’s true nature, Galen built a crucial flaw into the Death Star’s design; the very one that Luke Skywalker would later exploit, destroying the Death Star base.

Galen Erso may not have ever intended to work alongside the empire but he became entangled in it’s dark web all the same. 

In the next and last part of our series, we’ll be looking at what it’s like to WANT to be in the Imperial Army through a closer look at one of it’s most dedicated Generals: Armitage Hux.

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