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Imperial Officer Uniform - Creating the Perfect Fit!

Often customers will order costumes from other companies and receive generically sized pieces. They look frumpy or are too tight, and appear more like something one would wear on Halloween. By contrast, ANOVOS brand replicas look like clothing worn ‘in a galaxy far far away’ or an actual uniform made in the future of Star Trek. They are as close to custom fit as you can get. What do we do differently? It’s about the care taken in initial production. 

Traditionally when pieces are sized overseas, they begin with basic pattern blocks provided by the manufacturers before designing the final pattern. These are created using “fit models”– real life individuals who physically represent each size for both males and females. Because the manufacturers are often using local models for their fitting, the results don’t often translate well to western sizing. Since we are looking to perfectly replicate what’s seen on the screen we have taken our own sizing process a step farther. 

The Imperial Officer Collection 

Officers were high-class soldiers who held various positions of responsibility, authority, and duty within the various branches of the Galactic Empire's military. Build your costume piece by piece or all at once with these offerings from the ANOVOS STAR WARS™ Collection. Shop now!

The Imperial Officer Premier Ensemble
Limited Sizes, Back in Stock!

We began with the Imperial Officer uniform. Each size was perfectly tailored to fit models local to our studio in California. Ten models were used to maintain consistency and several fittings were conducted to get the silhouette just right. Because of this, the Imperial Officer Uniforms became one of the best fit uniforms of our STAR WARS Original Trilogy Collection.

Fit can be even more crucial than fabric choice 

The Imperial Officer Uniform has contoured waistlines, broad padded shoulders, and the shaped trousers inspired by a WW2 German soldier’s uniform.

Besides being particularly striking, the uniforms have an extremely comfortable fit for beyond that of a typical costume. Once you try on one of these screen-accurate Officer uniforms you will see for yourself!

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