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Han Solo - The Mistakes of the Father

In our first article exploring Han Solo's origins, we talked a lot about Han’s strained relationship with his father. While the plots of the newer movies tend to focus on the turbulence between Kylo Ren and his own father, Han, the origins of their troubles probably lie somewhere deep in the latter’s rocky childhood.

Because his father abandoned him, Han was extremely nervous about the prospect of having a child. Regardless of Ben Solo’s memories of his father’s feelings for him, it could easily be said that Han used his nervous energy to become over protective of his son. As his birth approached, Han hired a nanny droid and obsessively cared for Leia. She frequently had to chide him not to overdo it so much. It goes without saying that once the baby was born, Han loved him deeply.


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Ben Solo’s parents couldn't hide away from their extremely busy lives for long. Because she was an important politician, Leia didn't sit idly at home and often had to travel far and long. Finding himself the husband of someone so prestigious, Han fell into a sort of first-husband role, turning from his life of crime to a successful career as a sport race driver. He sponsored important races, raced for charity, and more. 

Despite his best efforts, Han started to drift further and further from his son. Ben Solo was often left alone at home.

Making matters worse, the Solo’s worked hard to protect young Ben from the knowledge of his lineage. They worried how knowing the true identity of his grandfather would affect him. Once he did learn the truth, Ben’s trust in his parents was broken. The events that followed while training under Luke completely separated him from his family and sent him hurtling into the dark side.

Han was so dismayed by Ben’s downfall that he left Leia to return to the smuggler's life of crime. After many years on the straight and narrow, there’s no doubt that he did this as a form of punishment inflicted on himself. Perhaps he felt that he never truly deserved his loving family in the first place. He became just like his own father, a runaway. Han traveled the stars with his pain.

The conclusion of Ben, now Kylo Ren, and his father’s troubled relationship is heavily explored in the newest Star Wars trilogy. Without spoiling anything, it can be said that the new films are an exploration of the conclusion of Han himself. 

A son, a pirate, a friend, a husband, a father.

Han Solo to this day has been persevered as one of film’s most beloved characters and it’s easy to see why-- despite his upbringing, despite his father’s abandonment, despite being a rotten no good scoundrel, he overcame it all in the end. 

Film buffs may claim Han is the textbook example of an anti-hero but, in my opinion, that’s overthinking it. Han is just as much a hero as Luke, maybe more.

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