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Han Solo - On the Run

By the time Han Solo makes his very first appearance in A New Hope it’s clear that he’s deep into the lifestyle of a rogue. In fact when we first meet him he’s already in over his head with a deal gone wrong.  

As we established in our last piece Exploring Han Solo's Origins, Han started out making ends meet as an orphaned youth working the streets of Corellia. Solo: A Star Wars Story, follows him from this time up through joining, and later escaping, the Imperial Army in order to make an escape from his home planet. All of these early adventures planted the seed for the kind of life Han would be destined to pursue-- the only skill sets he had were stealing, lying and running. And running is just what he did.

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After the events of “Solo”, Han and Chewbacca seemed to prefer to stick to relatively petty crime. He ran marked Sabbac decks to the casino of the planet Marquinn, smuggled spice all over the galaxy and dodged the empire all along the way. Make no mistake, the Imperial Army had every intention of recapturing Han and bringing him to justice. They never caught him. The duo quickly made a name for themselves as the best around.

Like all good pirates, Han had a place to stash all of his treasure. 

After he and Chewie crash-landed on an unnamed planet in the Monsua Nebula, the duo fought through storms and cyclones to reveal a secret oasis. Finding the storms a suitable deterrent, they located a hidden cave and declared it their secret spot. Over the years they hide all manner of treasures and trinkets from their adventures there, including a nostalgic store of Corellian wine for Han.

Ultimately, it was running spice that finally got Han in so much trouble with the infamous Jabba the Hutt. They successfully worked for him for many years, even becoming Jabba’s top smugglers. One day, while running a large order of Spice for Jabba, the Falcon was faced by an imperial blockade. Faced with having to either be caught or abandon the cargo, they dropped Jabba’s shipment and escaped to a nearby planet. This betrayal began the game of cat and mouse between the two and Jabba, culminating in the now famous scenes in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Han Solo’s life of crime can (and does) fill several books. From what we know about him, it’s undoubtedly that he went on dozens, maybe hundreds of adventures worth talking about. In our next blog we’ll explore his most dangerous and mysterious adventure of all -- fatherhood.

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