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Han Solo - Hard Beginnings on the Path of a Hero

We’re all familiar with the ubiquitous Han Solo, but how well can we say we really know him?

Han’s history has spanned films, books, comics, and more-- and yet many of us can only claim to have surface knowledge of one of sci-fi’s most prevalent characters. Here we’ll dive into some lesser known details of the origin of everyone’s favorite scruffy nerf herder. 

Han didn’t spring into the world as a fully formed space smuggler, despite how it may seem. He was born in the usual way, on the Core World planet of Corellia, to a shipyard worker and an unseen mother. In the now retired, sprawling canon of ‘Star Wars Legends’, Han’s mother and father are named Jaina and Jonash, respectively. The fate of Han’s mother is almost entirely unexplored in-universe but we can conclude with some certainty that she was largely absent in Han’s life.

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Han’s Father makes an appearance in the films but remains unnamed. A worker at the Corellian Engineering Corporation Shipyards (Starships being the major industry of Corellia) he labors but never seems to make much headway and is eventually laid off. He expresses to his young son that his true desire is to escape the planet on one of the ships he works so tirelessly on. He never does make it but the sentiment must have had a profound effect on Han. Eventually, Han’s father abandons him. This influenced his life greatly.

Living as an orphan on the streets, a young Han turns to pickpocketing. In ‘Legends’, he’s picked up by Garris Shrike, a former bounty hunter turned con man and petty thief. Han spends most of his youngest years working for Garris, running various scams and learning the streets. 

He befriends the cook of Shrike’s ship, Dewlanna, a Wookie who looks on him like a son and teaches him Shyriiwook, the Wookie language.

However, this was changed for the screen. The films instead pick up with Han as a teenager, still as scrappy and orphaned as before, but having somehow fallen into working with a local crime syndicate, the White Worms. His role is somewhat similar to what it had been for Shrike in ‘Legends’; a fixer and runner among other orphaned and unfortunate children, called Scrumrats. This is how he meets Qi'ra, a fellow Scrumrat and future romantic interest, and snowballs into the opening scenes of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”.

From here, the story is well documented in the core films. There’s still more to explore between the gaps, however. 

We hope you’ll join us for the next excavation in Part 2 as we deep dive into the details of Han Solo’s journey through a galaxy far, far away.

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