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Han Solo “A New Hope” Shirt (Fulfillment Update)

Hello smugglers!

I wanted to update you on the fulfillment of your Han Solo “A New Hope” style shirt.

We’ve just received the final pieces from the manufacturer, and are doing the final quality control checks on these in the week ahead.

Han Solo A New Hope Shirts

Shipments of fully paid orders shall begin after May 4, 2019, once the items have successfully passed in-house quality control.

A few notes and action items for your consideration:

  1. For those who ordered via our Payment Plan: For orders where the Payment Plan has been completed, you will be receiving an invoice for the shipping and handling. That invoice must be remitted in order to ship the item.

  2. For those who pre-ordered in full: We ask that you verify your order information, and send us an email via our ticket system with the subject line “ANH HAN SOLO SHIRT UPDATE” if there are any changes by May 4, 2019. If we do not hear from you by then, we will proceed with shipment, and thus any address redirections or re-shipments will be the responsibility of the affected customer.

As to the other components from the Signature Series ANH Han Solo ensemble (the vest and pants), we are aiming for a late Q2 to Q3 fulfillment on those, as they are coming from different manufacturing sites. When they are prepared, an update similar to this one will be sent on those particular components!

May the Force be with you,

J. James, Operations Coordinator

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